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November - December 2018  



Napovednik83-84-4Mobile robot systems are a popular topic of discussion, but in practice they rarely appear and are used, but they are in the list of  desires of many industrial companies. Meanwhile, they are already in use in company Stäubli Electrical Connectors where they achieve excellent production performance. Senior management is impressed by the flexibility that mobile robotic assistants bring to the assembly lines.

NajavaZa45_1Presentation of the  development of HETEC GmbH from  Breidenbach, founded in 1998, where the 5 axis machining centers of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG and other advanced production technologies, make it possible to produce components of complex tools in precision of hundreds of millimetres.

  • Vester Elektronik GmbH company is an expert in quality testing and process monitoring
  • An intelligent tool holder controls cutting process in real-time
  • Digital world of smart production
  • Precise machining of large work pieces
  • Advanced tool management
  • Remote monitoring of production



Napovednik83-84-5New technologies pave the way for new welding technologies. Welding with use of fiber lasers expands the possibilities of using lasers in the field of connecting different materials together. Innovations in laser technology and beam management components are winning in traditional challenges such as copper welding, welding of different materials with each other, welding of thin films or welding of products with larger slots. NajavaZa45_5With the introduction of LED technology, the requirements for the precision of semi-finished products with optical functions in the lamps have increased dramatically. In the development phase, optical measurements must be performed for each lamp, which must meet the legal requirements, but these must be met by the product during the entire lifetime of the product. The statutory values of the luminous values must be met by all the manufactured products, therefore a robust and stable injection molding process is crucial.
  • Beam design/shaping allows new ways of laser surface treatment
  • Blue high-power lasers are coming into the industry
  • A short guide to laser welding of plastic
  • New TPE Teknor Apex for medical use
  • High-temperature HPT Covestro
  • New Extruder Coperion for Research, Laboratories or Smaller Production



Napovednik83-84-6In the next issue of the IRT3000, we will present how to maintain hydraulic systems with control of the operation and settings of the components that protect the system. This can also be called the initial tuning of the hydraulic system. In the paper, we will first present the influence of inadequately calibrated safety elements on the life-time of hydraulic components, system. NajavaZa45_3The Ars Electronica festival attracted more than 100,000 artists, scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, adolescents and social activists in Linz who have explored the current technological and social interdependencies and their potential future manifestations. This year's festival of science, technology, art and society has addressed the issue of errors, where imperfection is an opportunity for new, unexpected solutions.
  • News in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Basic lubrication school
  • Methods of cleaning in production
  • With 3D-printing to concrete ceiling panels
  • The new optics of ultra-high-speed cameras are moving the boundaries of image processing
  • Security of industrial control systems


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