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od 22.11.2022 do 23.11.2022

Schwertberg, Austria - Schwertberg, Austria

Conference contents

LIGHTWEIGHT design, LIGHTWEIGHT parts, SIMPLE machines, STRONG performance

Savings without sacrifice: that is the slogan of the foam injection moulding process, which makes it possible to produce high quality components up to 20% lighter than solid versions. These components are particularly beneficial where, alongside a specially shape fidelity, dimensional accuracy, weight reduction, insulation properties and efficiency of production are of importance. With a balanced mix of sound theory and practical case studies, the event will summarise the current state of physical and chemical foam injection moulding.


•    Basic knowledge plastics processing

Target group

•    Project- Product- Process Managers
•    Technicians, article developers, engineers, designers
•    Quality staff and management,
•    Mould makers and plastics processors



Physical foaming - Chemical foaming

Machine- Process technology  |  Mould design
Material know-how  |  Product development  |  Sustainability

ENGEL |  foammelt Basics
TRAMACO  |  Chemical Foaming Agents in Injection Moulding
KIMW  |  Foam injection moulding technologies
TREXEL – 2LIMIT  |  MuCell® Process technology and Engineering
NMB  |  Sustainability in foaming
PEG  |  Autodesk® Moldflow - Foam injection moulding simulation and analysis

Application demo

foammelt LIVE

Mould construction & realisation  |  Optimised mould tempering
Material know-how  |  Technology development

SIEBENWURST  |  Mould technology for foamed components
HB-THERM  |  Variotherm temperation in foaming
AKRO PLASTIC  |  Schaumspritzguss Material Know-how
BOREALIS  |  Foam injection moulding material know-how
SKZ  |  Foaming in 3D printed mould inserts
WOOD K PLUS  |  Findings of research and development

Practical reports

KOLLER – KUZ LEIPZIG  |  Field- Experience report
AUDI  |  Field- Experience report
FORVIA  |  Field- Experience report

Program overview     


Tuesday, November 22, 2022  |  12:00 – 19:30h and
Wednesday, November 23, 2022  |  09:00 – 15:00h 


German | English with simultaneous translation


Participation fee:

EUR 490,-

Event location:

Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1
4311 Schwertberg

Sufficient parking available

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