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What is IRT3000?

12_200.pngThe IRT3000 magazine is a fresh contribution to Slovenian media, covering the fields of innovation, research & development and latest technologies, which are developed, implemented or used by Slovenian economy. Therefore, we decided to name the new magazine IRT – Innovation, R&D, Technology – with a focus on the new millennium. 
The magazine is going to deliver news from home and abroad, with an emphasis on Slovenian metalworking industry, information technology and non-metal technologies. The IRT3000 magazine is going to introduce variety into Slovenian press, specialised for mechanical engineering, as it will also cover the fields of plastics and other nonmetal materials processing. We are also going to track the activities in the IT sector, which forms an indispensable part of industrial processes.  

4_150.pngThe majority of our attention is going to be devoted to domestic knowledge, achievements and innovation of Slovenian companies. Naturally, we will also publish interesting articles and news from abroad. IRT3000 is therefore going to be a specialised professional magazine, including in-depth and specialist articles, as well as plenty of short and very diverse news from the above fields. 
The thematic units of IRT3000 magazine will cover technology solutions coming from the industrial environment. We wish to establish cooperation with Slovenian companies, in order to be able to track their innovativeness in various development projects and report about their solutions in manufacturing processes, all aimed towards quicker achievement of their goals.” 

What are IRT3000 magazine target groups?

5_200.pngThe IRT3000 magazine is destined for anyone interested in state-of-the-art technology and development, as well as for all those who want to stay on track of classic technologies, or who want to find ways to improve their activities. The magazine is going to be an interesting read for anyone participating in the field of metalworking industry, business IT and nonmetal technologies. 

The magazine is intended for mechanical engineers, technicians, technologists, machine operators on the one hand; and for managers, businessmen and craftsmen on the other hand, so as for those working with plastics and other non-metal materials. Also bringing more general information to a wider circle of readers, the new information and knowledge on materials and technology will be of benefit to product development engineers, tool construction engineers, toolmakers, technologists and machine setters, as well as to purchasing and marketing departments.

16_200.pngThe IRT3000 magazine is also going to deliver interesting and useful information to specialists from the academic community, university professors, vocational college and professional college lecturers as well as secondary school teachers, who are called to spread the technical culture among the younger generation. We would especially like to attract to our reader base the students of secondary schools and technical faculties, who will be able to use the magazine as a valuable resource in their study and as an inspiration in career planning.

Last but not least, the information about the on-going activities in the economy, about trends, desires and needs of the industry will be available to the decision makers in the state administration, who are in charge of creating as development-friendly environment as possible. The opportunity to present their opinion will be given to anyone who wishes to indicate possible roadmaps to development of Slovenian economy by method of constructive criticism of the present situation.  

What is IRT3000 magazine’s contribution?

2_200.pngThe magazine is going to report about the latest trends in metal-working and non-metal industries, deliver information from the ISTMA international organisation (International Special Tooling & Machining Association), as well as plenty of information from the field of innovativeness, about technological achievements in companies and their development projects. 

The magazine is going to deal with practical experience in great detail, as presented by professionals from the industry, who are also going to comment on their technology solutions. They are going to share with the wider public information on how the existing technologies were supplemented and improved, bringing forth increased productivity in their companies. Useful approaches from Slovenian and foreign best practice surely won’t go unnoticed by the eyes of Slovenian managers, who are responsible for leading their companies towards sustainable growth and keeping their competitive advantage.

21_200.pngWe are going to publish detailed reports from worldwide and domestic trade fairs. To better inform our readers about novelties on the market, we are going to publish translated articles from foreign specialist press. An article exchange program will ensure our readers can read in their mother tongue about foreign viewpoints, research and comparisons of processes, technologies and machines.

The magazine won’t lack specialist and theoretical contributions from the academic community. We will write about the networking of the academic community and the industrial sector. Thematic units will provide extensive coverage of special topics to the readers, serving as a source of information on how to face specific problems and avoid possible traps. The thematic units, above all those on non-metal technologies and IT, will be prepared by appointed editors.

The thematic units will cover the latest trends in the field of plastics processing, information on new, improved and updated technologies and processes, news on hardware, reports and comments from Europe’s largest plastics trade fairs and presentations of successful plastics processing companies.

The news from IT industry - focusing on CAx and PLM - will be accompanied by news about new products, reports from trade fairs and specialist presentations, information about the activities and the offer on Slovenian IT market, user interviews and experience, as well as articles about IT projects in Slovenian companies.

Why is the IRT3000 magazine important?

7_200.pngThe quick development of manufacturing technologies and implementation of information technology are causing a true explosion of novelties and information, which may be very important for successful business operation, but is also hard to obtain in a condensed form. Modern trends significantly influence the competitive ability and demand keeping track with the rapid technological development. It is also important to stay informed about the technological achievements that are born in our environments, since too many innovative solutions stay behind company walls and never see the light of day. The IRT3000 magazine will provide space for presentation and forwarding of such information, in this way also promoting the achievements of the companies. The magazine will therefore keep opening new opportunities for networking of companies and institutions.

20_200.pngOn demand, we will enable the companies the publishing of articles in foreign magazines, so they are able to present their achievements to readers in other European countries, too.

We at IRT3000 magazine are aware that there is an ever-increasing pressure on companies to develop new, innovative products, and that optimization of development and manufacturing is one important opportunity in fighting the competition, so we will devote special attention to these fields.


Editorial board

Publisher: IRT3000 magazine
PROFIDTP, d.o.o.
Gradišče VI 4
SI-1291 Škofljica

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Bank: NLB, d. d., Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Publisher: IRT3000 ADRIA magazine
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Registration number: 02244942

Editorial office address of IRT3000 magazine: 
Profidtp d.o.o. - Business unit Trzin
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SI - 1236 Trzin

Head of editorial office: Simona Jeraj

mobile: +386 51 322 442
phone +386 1 5800 884

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Editor-in-Chief: Darko Švetak  

Technical editor: Miran Varga

Editor of non-metals: Matjaž Rot

Editor of Tool&mould and machine building: dr. David Homar

Editor of Joining, materials and technology: dr. Damjan Klobčar

Editor of Joining, materials and technology: dr. Borut Kosec

Editor of Joining, materials and technology: dr. Aleš Nagode  

Editor of Maintenance and technical diagnostics: dr. Franc Majdič

Editor of Manufacturing and logistics: dr. Mihael Debevec

Editor of Manufacturing and logistics: Boštjan juriševič

Editor of Manufacturing and logistics: dr. Timi Karner

IT section editor: Denis Šenkinc


Esad Jakupović
Petra Bauman
Jana Petkovšek Štakul

Translation and proofreading:

Ivica Belšak
Marko Oreškovič
Dušanka Grubor Železnik
Mojca Savski

Editorial board members:

Boris Bell
dr. Boštjan Berginc
dr. Franci Čuš
dr. Slavko Dolinšek
Vinko Drev
dr. Aleš Hančič
Boris Jeseničnik
dr. Mitjan Kalin
dr. Janez Kopač
Jernej Kovač
Marko Mirnik
dr. Blaž Nardin
Marko Oreškovič
dr. Peter Panjan
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Janez Škrlec

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