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  July - August 2022



Automated machining in manufacturing of blow moulds

5Blomix blow moulds are used worldwide. The Dutch company meets the challenge of delivering the highest quality while remaining flexible and economical – with the help of automated 5-axis machining centres from Hermle.

Intelligent solutions for efficient, automated plastic de-flashing

2To further optimize product quality, productivity and manufacturing capacity, a leading supplier of injection-molded plastic components decided to decommission its existing shot blast machines and replace them with new ones. The company chose de-flashing solutions from Rösler: A RWS 1200 system that can be easily integrated into manufacturing cells and allows the consistent, automatic de-flashing of single work pieces.

  • High precision leads to new fields of economical applications
  • Catalyst for renewed growth: EuroBLECH 2022 returns to live event format
  • Ultra-realistic 3D-printed parts
  • Stratasys expands materials ecosystem with 16 new materials across three additive manufacturing technologies
  • Fully automated, dry-cleaning solution for high purity applications
  • Baumüller will present its solutions for mechanical engineering and production



Plastic injection moulding process control system

6The use of sustainable alternative materials initiatives represents big challenges for the existing processes of polymers processing in serial production. Customers expect fast introduction of new, sustainable alternative materials such as recycled plastic, bio-composites, and bio-based polymers, with increasingly higher quality standards, while keeping the price at the same level.

WAAM3D launches RoboWAAM large-format metal AM machine

3WAAM3D, Milton Keynes, UK, has announced the launch of its RoboWAAM large-format metal Additive Manufacturing machine. The new machine, featuring sensing hardware and proprietary software, will increase the potential for multi-meter metallic part development in aerospace, defense, oil & gas and research communities.

  • Tickets for K trade fair already available
  • Micro version of LSR application
  • Holders made of Elastollan R 2600 FHF
  • Equispheres presents high-performance aluminum alloy powders
  • AMtrinsic - Spherical refractory metal powders optimized for Additive Manufacturing
  • Nikon’s Lasermeister machine for Additive Manufacturing of metal parts



BAM uses face recognition algorithms to improve environmental balance of electric batteries

8Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly powerful, but are particularly susceptible to ageing processes. These processes have to be better understood at the atomic level in order to use the batteries in a more sustainable manner. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Development BAM developed an innovative method that uses face recognition algorithms to define ageing of lithium-ion batteries.

The truth about biodegradable hydraulic oils

4This is a complex and still not well-known field, since there is no generally accepted definition of hydraulic oils biodegradability. We understand the meaning of biodegradability. It addresses substances that can digested or consumed by micro-organisms present in water, air or soil, without any damage to vegetation or organisms and free of toxic residues.

  • Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs in quantum computing
  • Converting solar energy to electricity on demand
  • The Dutch National Growth Fund supports revolutionary research into self-evident molecular systems
  • Junior school of lubrication
  • Novelties in the field of technical diagnostics
  • Cleaning methods in production

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