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3m tape measure with a belt clip

The robust IRT3000 tape measure with a rubber body, belt clip and a lock.


IF IRT coffee cup

The ceramic Industrial Forum IRT coffee cup is ideal for pleasant moments with your favourite morning brew. In white with a blue rim and a handle, 350 ml capacity ...


IRT writing pad and pen

IRT writing pad and pen


IRT3000 baseball cap

The cap for your leisure time and for sunny days - this comfy and stylish cap with a visor is made of durable fabric, has a nice feel to it and is friendly to your skin.


IRT3000 coffee cup

Which kind of coffee do you prefer? Sweet, with milk, cream, or a strong black coffee? For those of you who like your beverages sweet, here is a ceramic cup with a spoon you can store in the handle.


IRT3000 coffee cup - black

Robust and elegant, this ceramic cup is slightly bigger and available in always attractive matte black and a shining red interior.


IRT3000 memo block

Memo block (9 cm x 9 cm x 8.5 cm). White sheets bearing the red-and-black IRT3000 logo are ideal for jotting notes.


IRT3000 T-shirt – men’s

This comfortable T-shirt for our subscribers is made of combed cotton, has no side seam and bears a IRT3000 logo on the front and on the back.


IRT3000 T-shirt – women’s

This T-shirt for our lady subscribers is made of combed cotton, has a close-fitting cut and no side seam. This comfortable and elegant T-shirt made by Sol’s shapes your figure, while the IRT3000 logos on the front and on the back make sure you will be noticed.


IRT3000 USB stick

This high-quality portable USB stick for storing your e-documents is fast and reliable. Capacity: 16 GB.


IRT3000 visor

When it’s too hot to wear a cap and you didn’t bring your sunglasses, here is a handy visor to protect you from the sun.



You will never lose your keys again with our IRT3000 lanyard. 2 cm wide, metal clip.


Let’s Go Shopping set

This office set includes several practical items for everyday use. In addition to a durable shopping bag for long-term use, it also includes a writing pad and a pen for your shopping lists, a USB stick for your e-documents and a lanyard “for good measure”.


Let’s Go Travelling set

Our Let’s Go Travelling set includes several practical items for everyday use: laptop backpack with a connection for your power bank, folding cup, folding umbrella, lanyard and USB charger.


Mobile phone car charger

This little device is a must-have piece of equipment for your car – ABS car charger adapter for mobile phones with a USB port.


Reusable face mask

Vote for sustainability and buy this reusable and washable face mask, manufactured and printed in Slovenia.


Shopping bag

Promote sustainability and use our shopping bags made of cotton.


Soft shell jacket - men’s

A high-quality water- and windproof IRT3000 soft shell jacket for breathable protection.


Soft shell jacket with a hood - women’s

A casual soft shell jacket made of high-quality waterproof material is impervious to wind, yet breathable.


Umbrella - big

A big and elegant umbrella bearing an IRT3000 logo is ideal for rainy walks for two.


Umbrella - folding

Your companion when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. A high-quality auto open folding umbrella, 97 cm in diameter, available in two colour combinations.


USB light

USB light for your laptop.


Wall clock

Wall clock


Zložljiv lonček (rdeč)

Vsestransko uporaben zložljiv lonček, ki ga lahko s karabinom pripnete na nahrbtnik ali torbico. Za pijačo, sladkor ali oreščke, za tople ali hladne pijače …


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