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IRT3000 and IRT3000 ADRIA magazine

A publication that reaches out to professionals and decision makers

IRT3000 is the only specialised professional magazine in Slovenia and Croatia to comprehensively and regularly inform its readers about achievements and best practices from advanced technical and industrial branches.

Our goal is to promote the transfer of knowledge and new technologies to the industry by linking many different segments while maintaining a rich and multidisciplinary content. The quality of our articles is managed by our editorial board which consists of renowned experts, researchers and journalists.

Who are our readers?

The readers of IRT3000 magazine are experts from different fields of the industry and research institutions. The contents of our magazine target technicians, engineers, heads of manufacturing and R&D departments, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, company management and decision makers. Popular science content targets university professors as well as students of technical, business and other programs, and is often used as a source for seminar assignments and diploma theses.

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Editorial calendar- IRT3000- Slovenian issue


         -Toolmaking and machine building 
-Advanced technologies 
-Local news                                                                                                          


-Manufacturing and logistics              -Joining, materials and technologies
-Maintenance and technical diagnostics
-Local news                                                                        


Issue Topic Deadline for advert delivery Publication date
issue No. 133 (January) A 6.1.2023 31.1.2023
issue No. 134 (February) B 3.2.2023 28.2.2023
issue No. 135 (March) A 3.3.2023 31.3.2023
issue No. 136 (April) B 7.4.2023 28.4.2023
issue No. 137 (May) A 5.5.2023 31.5.2023
issue No. 138 (June) B 2.6.2023 30.6.2023
issue No. 139-140 (July-August) A+B 4.8.2023 31.8.2023
issue No. 141 (September) A 1.9.2023 29.9.2023
issue No. 142 (October) B 6.10.2023 30.10.2023
issue No. 143-144 (November-December) A+B 10.11.2023 15.12.2023


Editorial calendar- IRT3000 ADRIA (Croatian issue)


Issue Topic Deadline for advert delivery Publication date
61 (March)                                                     A+B 3.3.2023 31.3.2023
62 (June) A+B 2.6.2023 30.6.2023
63 (September) A+B 1.9.2023 29.9.2023
64 (December) A+B 10.11.2023 15.12.2023


About magazine

The IRT3000 magazine is a full-colour, A4 format magazine. The advertisements are reviewed and proof-read before they are published. The magazine is printed on 90 g paper, the cover is printed on plasticized, 150 g paper. The editorial board can provide help to clients in preparing their advertisements. The ads are designed according to the requirements and as agreed upon with the client. 



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