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Two Design Awards for Elesa+Ganter


Ergonomic, highly functional and visually at its best. With a new stainless steel design series, Elesa+Ganter sets the tone - and receives the German Design Award and the iF Design Award.


Industrial design has also been a key quality feature for capital goods for quite some time. After all, design ensures a brand-appropriate product appearance, optimizes functionality and ergonomics, and even lowers the costs of production and operation. This applies not only to large machines or systems but to every professional product, including tools, robots, control boxes - and standard parts. Elesa+Ganter proves just how positive an effective design can have with a new design series that the market leader has developed together with the Fürth-based design agency Corpus-C. The series made of stainless steel AISI 316L consists of the GN 5063 T-handle, the GN 8340 wing nuts and the GN 8350 wing screws, the latter equipped with internal or external threads from M5 to M12.

The three standard parts are based on the same design language, soft yet concise lines that are both elegant and highly functional. Smooth gradients and gentle transitions facilitate cleaning of the optionally matte-blasted or polished surfaces.

In addition, the design enables better ergonomic handling and the introduction of greater operating forces. The unobtrusive and uniform shape matches almost any design line and enables the formally coherent integration of various clamping and operating functions, ensuring a consistent appearance for a wide variety of machines.

Elesa+Ganter and Corpus-C have now received two prestigious awards for the T-handle and wing nut / screw family: the German Design Award 2022 and the iF Design Award 2022. The jury of the iF Design Award particularly emphasized the "outstanding ergonomic properties" as well as the "timeless" and "very
high-quality" aesthetics.

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