IRT 3000



IRT3000 02/2006

  • VW group saves 3 billion Euros in two years through ForMotion
  • Basic statistical indicators for metal-working industry in 2005
  • PODIM26: Cooperation between the economic, academic and governmental spheres
  • Innovations generated 80 millions SIT of profit
  • The decision for innovation is in the hands of management
  • GrindTec 2006 – sector meeting with a record-breaking attendance
  • The influence of forming rate on material extensibility
  • Nitriding or surface hardening
  • Case hard ...

IRT3000 01/2006

  • Sustainable development of tool and mouldmaking industry requires new visions and a higher degree of cooperation among the suppliers and with the buyers
  • Miloš Nagode and Beno Šubic – Rotomatika’s innovators of the year
  • Company is content although the profit is only symbolical
  • Igor Akrapovič is Delo’s personality of the year
  • It pays to be a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer
  • EUROMOLD 2005
  • CE marries ICT
  • International award for VoiceTRAN project
  • Prot ...
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