IRT 3000



IRT3000 42/2012

• Extremely successful 9. Nanotechnology Day
• In the league of European giants with in-house development
• Integrating automated and robotized systems in LTH Castings
• Beckhoff BC9191 – expandable room controller
• Fakuma 2012 – Be efficient
• Grivory HT3 polyamides open up new opportunities
• The prospects of collective intelligence
• Slovenian premiere of Windows 8
• Challenges in turning cast iron
• Waterjet machining

IRT3000 41/2012

• Days of Mechanical Engineering attract a record number of visitors to the Technical Museum in Bistra
• Celje to host four top international trade fairs in April 2013
• Automation and robotisation in Hella Saturnus Slovenija
• RobotExpert helps improve the efficiency of robots
• Injection moulding and blow moulding in one
• MicroPower – ideal for the moulding of medical small and micro parts
• Interview: dr. Janez Šetina – Measuring pressure with precision
• In the sign of ICT
• 2016 Olympic

IRT3000 40/2012

• 4. Industrial Forum IRT 2012: Successful trademarks are created by teams, in which engineers are indispensable
• In the league of European giants with in-house development
• Interview: Full Prof. Dr. Bojan Ačko
• E-automation for E-mobility
• Festo value production system
• LENS laser technology – a great potential for the improvement of moulds
• Laboratory mixer for the development and production of samples
• Explosion of »big data«
• Virtual 3D touch-enabled modeling with Freeform

IRT3000 39/2012

• 4. Industrial Forum IRT 2012: A Two-Day Professional Socializing of Engineers Successfully Fulfils Its Mission
• Partners in success
• A bright future for automation and robotics
• Sustainable development in automation and robotics
• Thermostat housing for VW cars
• Venting the extrusion moulds
• From defining a kilogram to calibrating scales
• Megawatts from smart grids
• Berlin v Dubrovniku
• Market leaders with a pull broaching innovation
• Efficient technology and environmentally

IRT3000 38/2012

• A Good Contact for Non-Contact Measurements
• Pipistrel Unveils a New 4-Seat Aircraft at the AERO Expo 2012 Fair in Germany
• Simulation for Lean Manufacturing
• Solutions for the Automotive Industry at the AUTOMATICA 2012 Fair
• Using a Special Thermoplastic for Fog Lights and LED-Lamp Coolers
• Three Films, One Part and a Quartered Mould
• Metrology Once and Today
• Open Innovation
• CeBIT 2012 - The Industry is Marching Forward
• A compliment to the Driving Inventions of Scientific

IRT3000 37/2012

• Interview: Joichi Ito
• The Virtuosi of Sky Expeditions
• PTesting and Measuring Active Pedestrian Safety Systems Using 3D Optical Measuring Technology
• How to Reach Lean Manufacturing – with a Manufacturing Operation Sorting Tool
• Developing an Embedded Control and Monitoring System for an Automated Pipe Welding Application
• Using the LaserCusing process in Tool and Mould Making
• Light Materials for the Automotive Industry
• The First Certified Wind-Tunnel in Slovenia
• Top Results are Only

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